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Series Name
Season 05, Episode 20
Victor's Other Family
Air date May 9, 2004
Episode Guide
Reese Joins the Army: Part 1
Victor's Other Family is the twentieth episode of Season 5 and the 105th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.


Lois learns that her father, Victor had been cheating on her mother before she was even born, which was taken to the point where he had even started a second family with her. She recieves a phone call from her half-sister, inviting them over to meet them for the first time.




  • Much about the backstory of Lois' family is revealed in this episode. It is revealed that Victor isn't her biological father or even the legal husband of Ida. Her true father was a man named Radu Gogorsky. Susan's true father is still ambiguous, but it's possible that Victor is her father. Meanwhile, Victor had been cheating on Ida long before Lois was even born, with a woman named Sylvia. In turn when Ida found out, she had an affair with Radu Gogorsky, that lead to Lois' birth. Victor would always claim to be going on business trips throughout his fatherhood of Lois, when he was really visiting Sylvia. He had even started a biological family with Sylvia, and was the exact opposite of what he was to Lois, being a nice, caring, and idyllic father to them.
  • Although she never reveals what it actually is, Lois reveals that she has five letters in her middle name.
  • It is also revealed that Ida's hair is really a wig.

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