Series Name
Season 05, Episode 1
Air date November 2, 2003
Episode Guide
Day Care
Watching The Baby
Vegas is the first episode of Season 5 and aired on November 2, 2003. It is the 86th episode of the series overall.


In a season 5 opener, Hal gets more than he gambled for when he and his family go to Vegas in order to fulfill a psychedelic dream of his.


When the family goes to Las Vegas, Hal tries to find the jackpot machine in his machine, and Lois goes to the Boone Vincent concert with Malcolm and spends time with him talking about parenting advice. Meanwhile, Reese and Dewey try to save a giant rabbit from getting cooked and Francis gets trapped with Otto in a well he was supposed to fix, as a fire erupts in the barn (also Francis' fault).


  • This episode once again shows Hals gambling problem as seen before in the episode Casino.
  • The cold opening reveals that Jamie is a boy.

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