Series Name
Season 02, Episode 19
Air date March 11, 2001
Episode Guide
Reese Cooks

Tutoring Reese is the nineteenth episode of season two of Malcolm in the Middle.


Reese is getting bad grades in school, and so Malcolm is forced to tutor him. Meanwhile, Francis comes back to visit home again and quickly gets himself kicked out of the house.


Malcolm tutors Reese to improve his lousy grades, but soon discovers that Reese's teacher is out to get him, which Reese has been claiming all along. When Lois finds out that Malcolm helped Reese cheat she is furious, until she realises that the teacher put an F on something Malcolm wrote and concludes Reese wasn't just making up excuses.

Francis leaves the family and lives in the basement of his friend Richie's house because Lois kicked him out because he refused to re-shingle the roof because Hal has a fear of heights, even from two feet up.

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