The Candy Man is a song that was originally featured in the original 1971 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film. It was sung by Francis and the other cadets in the episode New Neighbors and was featured again in the episode Clip Show 2.


Cadets: Candy man!
Hey! Candy man!
Left Field: Who can take a sunrise?
Right Field: Who can take a sunrise,
Cadets: Sprinkle it with dew,
Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two?
Left Field: Candy man.
Right Field: Candy ma-an.
Left Field: The candy man can.
Right Field: The candy man can.
Cadets: The candy man can, cuz he mixes with with love
and makes the world taste good.
The candy man makes
everything he bakes
satisfying and delicious.
Talk about your childhood wishes.
Commandant Spangler: You can even eat the dishes.

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