Series Name
Season 7, Episode 6
Secret Boyfriend
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Jessica Stays Over
Secret Boyfriend is the sixth episode of Malcolm in the Middle's seventh season.


Malcolm gets paired up with a popular girl for chemistry who turns out to be smart and really likes him. She doesn't want to lose her reputation of being popular, so she decides they have to hide their relationship.

Lois demands Reese get a job and when he doesn't, she takes things away from him and he is eventually forced to live outside the house. Meanwhile, Hal is determined to give Dewey his free game of mini-golf he feels he should have won, but Dewey couldn't care less.


  • When Vicki is pretending to be superficial and stupid in front of Malcolm, she says she had to take part in a discussion whether gloss or glitter is better. Malcolm whispers to her that he thought the issue was resolved with Fermat's Last Theorem, causing Vicki to laugh. Fermat's Last Theorem is a famous conjecture by a French mathematician in the 17th century that was only proven in 1995. This is one of the most famous theorems in mathematics.
  • The song playing in the background during Lois' dream sequence about her and Hal when they are old is a modified version of the Malcolm theme song.
  • Malcolm and Reese's high school looks different than it did in seasons 4-6.
  • Reese's hobo friend, Lloyd, is the third character in the series with the name Lloyd.
  • The nightmare Lois had of Reese, at least in his 60's, still living at home and still haven't finished high school exemplifies how badly Lois fears Reese will never leave her and Hal alone.


Vicki (to Malcolm): I think it's really romantic. It's like Romeo & Juliet. Our love has to be hidden.
Malcolm: I'm not hiding it.
Vicki: I wish you would.

(In the opening scene in which Malcolm brings Reese a soda as they sit down to watch TV):
Malcolm: Here, I brought one for you.
Reese: Thanks. And now I'll take yours because you obviously shook mine up. (switches cans) Wait a minute! You wanted me to do that! (switches cans again) Of course you had to have known I was going to know that! (switches again) Unless you didn't think I was smart enough. But I'm smarter than... You know what? I'm not smart enough to figure it out! So what? Big deal! (goes to the fridge and opens a different can which is shaken and sprays him with soda as he screams)
Malcolm: I'm not sure if I have the gift or he does.

Lois (about Reese): What are we going to do about him, Hal? He shows absolutely no interest in his future.
Hal: I'm sorry, honey. I thought you had given up on him too.

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