Religion Rap is a song sung by a Christian, a Jew, and a Taoist in the episode Shame.


Christian: Look to the church.
Jew: Look to God.
Taoist: Look within.
Christian: But first, you must ask forgiveness.
Jew: First, you must atone.
Taoist: First you must cleanse your spirit.
(Music plays)
Christian: The path to salvation.
Jew: The path to temptation.
Taoist: The path to meditation.
Jew: How does one define a sin?
Well, it's mostly common sense.
Taoist: Then you have to light incense.
Christian: If you practice abstinence.
Taoist: It's whatever space you're in.
(Music stops)
Malcolm: Huh?
(Music plays)
Christian: Ch-Ch-Charity.
Jew: Prosperity.
Taoist: Clarity.
Christian: Divine.
Jew: Restitution.
Christian: Absolution.
Taoist: Contribution.
Jew: Palestine.
Christian: Sacramental.
Taoist: Accidental.
Jew: Mostly mental.
Taoist: You'll be fine.
Christian: Transubstantiate.
Taoist: Alleviate.
Jew: Who knows?
Taoist: Align your spine.

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