Reeses inner child was a seris 5 episode


Hal sees an advert for a cheap  bouncy castle in a local newspaper. He buys it, and Dewey breaks his arm on it. Lois realises that the trampoline is a danger and tells Hal to give it back.

However,  the man who sold Hal the trampoline says he has a strict no refunds policy, and Hal would have to keep it. Hal  tries to destroy the bouncy castle, but his plans are in vein. Reese pays a professional robber £50 to steal it. Later, Hal tells Laois that she is no fun, and they argue. They realise that their marrige is doomed.

Ida shows them a video from a self help guru Chad Griffin, giving advice for couples, Hal and Laoises marrige is saved. Later, Chad Goodman comes to the Wilkerson's neighbourhood to give a seminar, and Hal and Laois decide to take Reese, Malcolm and Dewey there to improve their behaviour.

During the seminar, Reese, roars and interrupts, but, instead of being angry, Chad tells the people that Reese is the peerfect role model, as he does what he wants and isn't afraid.

Evereybody does what they want to do, so people quit their jobs, swear in school, and even let an elephant escape from the zoo. The neighbourhood is in chaos. The people blame Reese, and chase him. Hal comes in a car and rescues Reese. When they get home, evereybody in the family blames Reese. Than Dewey points out that self help is all a scam and it's all Chads fault. Reese thanks Dewey for blaming Chad and the children spend the rest of the day playing video games.

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