Series Name
Season 05, Episode 21
Reese Joins the Army Part 1
Air date May 16, 2004
Episode Guide
Victor's Other Family
Reese Joins the Army: Part 2
Reese Joins the Army: Part 1 is the 21st episode of Season 5 and the 106th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.


Reese's new girlfriend breaks up with him for Malcolm and so Reese joins the army out of devastation. Hal's company takes a nosedive and two corrupt FBI agents want him to make false accusations against an employer.




  • Reese's real last name isn't revealed in this episode, but he joins the army under the false last name of "Jetson".
  • Dewey wins a trophy for the national music competition, though no one in the family pays attention to him at all. This may have been unintentional mainly due to Lois' stress over Hal's arrest and Francis disciplining Malcolm.
  • Second time Malcolm and Reese have the same love interest, whose name is "Beth". The first time was when they were in a fight over Beth from the episode "Bowling".
  • Second time Lois gets fired from the Lucky Aide. The first time was in (Lois VS Evil) when Mr. Pinter fired her out of spite.


  • When Reese is being questioned by his Drill Sergeant, he looks at his bed. The US is face up. This part of the blanket should only occur when a US soldier dies and the unit has not moved their belongings from the Barracks.

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