Reese Comes Home is the first episode of Season 6 and the 108th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.


Continuing the events of the previous season's cliffhanger episodes Reese Joins the Army, parts 1 and 2, we see Reese desert the army and head off on a road to home. Malcolm and Dewey try to fill in the empty void where Reese was, by doing the things that he would normally do.


Hal in the narration explains that he and Lois are still out of work and struggling to pay the bills due to the trial. Francis has disciplined Malcolm who feels guilty for stealing Beth from Reese.

Hal is seen doing his fatherly duties when Malcolm asks when Lois is coming back from the Army recruiters. This is answered when he and the family hears her yelling at the army recruiters who brought her back. After she goes inside, Hal is informed that if she attacks them again physically and with her tirades, they will likely arrest her. When they leave, Malcolm asks Lois is she's ok. She answers in her tirades that she's not and explains that the recruiters won't divulge in any information to Reese's whereabouts, despite her explaining that he's underage. Lois mentions if they could figure out how he got in the Army without their knowledge and the pseudonym he went under, they can bring him home from Afghanistan within a few months.

Reese abandons the troops upon arrival in Afghanistan. He goes through the usual hijinks and almost gets himself married to an amorous man under the guise of an Afghani woman.

Further guilty for his actions, Malcolm decides to volunteer at a V.A. hospital. His boss there, Nurse Peterson, informs him on what day and hours he must give the medications to the elderly charges. Soon Malcolm decides to throw the pills out against Peterson's wishes and this yields predictable results with the elderly fighting.

Lois heads down to the boot camp where Reese was previously sent and meets Sgt. Hendrix. After recognizing Reese as Private Jetson due to her showing him the picture, he unwittingly divulge in the necessary information she needs to find Reese. Despite Hal's pleas to trust the recruiters to help them find him, Lois ignores him and books a flight to Kabul. It's there she finds Reese in a small town in Afghanistan and proceeds to yell at him for causing their family grief.

At home, Dewey wisely counsels Malcolm in doing all sorts of mayhem that Reese enjoys as a means to honor him. Malcolm takes this to heart and they go to a local art fair. The two solemnly stand atop a roof and launch diaper-balloon bombs over the unsuspecting patrons. A newly arrived Reese surprises them on the rooftop, and after an admittedly warm and fuzzy reunion hug, the elder brother reclaims his place in the community, launching another diaper-balloon upon the folks below. The boys are back, indeed.


  • First episode to air in high definition.
  • Reese gets legally wed to an Afghan man, while he is wearing a burka in disguise and posing as a woman. He never technically got divorced with this man, but he did run away from him. In the later episode, Bride of Ida, Reese would get more officially wed to a girl named Raduca. This would technically making Reese a polygamist, until the episode College Recruiters, where Reese and Raduca would get divorced.

Under the military code, Reese going AWOL upon arriving in Afghanistan could have resulted with him receiving a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and a confinement of up to of 5 years in federal prison. To make matters worse, if the Army found out that Reese used the false surname Jetson earlier, he would be considered a military imposter and would also result in imprisonment.

  • Reese is seen getting punished by a group of Hindus for making fun of one of their religious deities. Reese claims that he only made fun of it because he looked like a giant monkey man. This may have been a reference to Hanuman.
  • Francis and Piama do not appear in this episode.
  • This marked the 3rd time Lois had been arrested