Series Name
Season 06, Episode 1
Reese Comes Homer
Air date November 7, 2004
Episode Guide
Reese Joins the Army: Part 2
Buseys Run Away
Reese Comes Home is the first episode of Season 6 and the 108th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.


Continuing the events of the previous season's cliffhanger episodes Reese Joins the Army, parts 1 and 2, we see Reese desert the army and head off on a road to home. Malcolm and Dewey try to fill in the empty void where Reese was, by doing the things that he would normally do.




  • First episode to air in high definition.
  • Reese gets legally wed to an Afghan man, while he is wearing a burka in disguise and posing as a woman. He never technically got divorced with this man, but he did run away from him. In the later episode, Bride of Ida, Reese would get more officially wed to a girl named Raduca. This would technically making Reese a polygamist, until the episode College Recruiters, where Reese and Raduca would get divorced.
  • Reese is seen getting punished by a group of Hindus for making fun of one of their religious deities. Reese claims that he only made fun of it because he looked like a giant monkey man. This may have been a reference to Hanuman.
  • Francis and Piama do not appear in this episode.

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