Series Name
Season 06, Episode 4
Pearl Harbor I Guess
Air date December 5, 2004
Episode Guide
Kitty's Back
Pearl Harbor is the fourth episode of Season 6 and the 111th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle. It aired on December 5, 2004.


After always being cast in his neighbor's shadow, when it comes to holiday decorations, Hal tries to make an extremely elaborate Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day decoration. Malcolm and Reese are getting annoyed because of how their neighbor Jessica keeps barging into their home uninvited.


Jessica (Hayden Panettiere), Malcolm and Reese's teenaged neighbor, tricks each of them into believing the other is gay. Jessica also manipulates Lois into doing things she only wants to do (that Malcolm and Reese both hate). However, Reese and Malcolm get back at Jessica by giving Malcolm a hickey, which leads Lois to blame Jessica for it and punish her. Despite this, she also admits that she likes having Jessica around, much to Reese and Malcolm's horror. Meanwhile, Hal, tired of competing with a neighbor who always outdoes his Christmas decorations, decides to create his own "holiday" to decorate his house for Pearl Harbor Day. Meanwhile, Dewey is doing a report on Hal being his hero, but when Hal rips his report because Dewey lied about him, Dewey quits his report on Hal and decides to do his report on Lois, which saddens Hal and causes him to say things to insult Dewey while keeping it from Lois. After the neighbor outdoes Hal again for Pearl Harbor Day, Dewey reconciles with Hal and together they dump worms on the neighbor's decorations, encouraging birds to fly down, knock all of the decorations down and defecate all over them.


  • Jessica, from the episode Stereo Store appears again.
  • Hal mentions that they haven't gotten snow in over two years. The last time it snowed was in the episode Christmas, which was three seasons ago, which is equal three years in the in-series timeline.
  • Jessica convinced Malcolm that Reese was gay. Although that isn't true about his character in the series, shortly after the ending of the series, his actor, Justin Befield would come out as a homosexual.

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