Series Name
Season 02, Episode 21
Air date April 22, 2001
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Malcolm vs. Reese is the twenty first of the second season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on April 22, 2001.

Summary Edit

Francis bribes Malcolm and Reese with just one extra ticket to a wrestling match, forcing them to humiliate themselves and do all his chores, trying to outdo each other for the one ticket. The boys turn on each other when they realize that the other one can't go to the wrestling match if they are grounded.

However, Francis betrays them both by taking a girl to a wrestling match and they get their revenge by getting him arrested. Dewey is hired to watch Craig's cat for the weekend, but he loses the cat and his parents make things worse. Craig moves in with the family after they burn his house down. In the end, Lois punishes Reese and Malcolm for getting Francis arrested by forcing them to serve Craig.


Francis comes home from Marlin Academy for a visit and both Malcolm and Reese think it'll fun to have some quality time with him. However, both brothers will find themselves in competition with each other when they learn that Francis has bought only two tickets for a wrestling match up.

Meanwhile, Craig has appointed Dewey to take care of his beloved pet cat, Jellybean, while he's gone for the weekend at a comic expo. However, things go awry when he tries to give Jellybean, his usual medication and has enlisted Hal in a futile attempt to find Jellybean and bring him back to Craig's house. When Craig calls, during the filing of the missing cat report, Hal poses as Jellybean so he doesn't suspect that his cat is missing.

At the Wilkerson house, the competition between Reese and Malcolm worsens. Reese gives Francis a grooming treatment, when Malcolm shows up with his finished papers, indicating that Francis will pass with a C and allow him to goof off during the semester. The boys then realize that if the other is grounded then they won't be able to go to the match, and begin attempting (and failing) to frame each other for wrongdoings. It gets to the point where Reese starts beating himself up (to blame on Malcolm) while Malcolm starts smashing his own things (to blame on Reese) when Francis betrays them both by telling them he decided to bring a girl to the match instead because she likes wrestling. This angers Malcolm and Reese as they plot their revenge against him.

At Craig's house, Hal has bought some sleeping pills and has put them in Jellybean's bowl in an attempt to catch him. Instead, he ends up having the other cats sleeping in Craig's apartment and Dewey suggests they bring Lois in. When she arrives, Lois was angry at the fact that Hal didn't call her when he and Dewey needed her. She sets the house on fire which scare away the other cats and Jellybean comes home. Hal tries to put his sleeping pills in the cat's bowl, but Lois decides to pick him up instead (possibly having enough of Hal's antics).

On the way to the wrestling match , Francis and his date are pulled over by a cop who demands for his license and registration because he got a report that the car was stolen. Francis tries to find his driver's license, only to discover that it's gone and the only thing left in his wallet is a note indicating it's going to get much worse. Then, the officer hears movement coming from the trunk of the car and orders him to open the trunk. Francis does and is forced to wait while he searches the car. When the officer finds Malcolm and Reese gagged and tied with rope, he gets furious and arrests Francis immediately.

At the Wilkerson house, Malcolm is seen making a sandwich while explaining that Lois was furious and went to the police station to retrieve her boys. After that much to his and Reese's horror, she punishes them for getting Francis arrested by forcing them to serve Craig as their house guest. Malcolm gives Craig the sandwich, but is told to put more mayo on both sides of his bread. Reese gives the milk to Craig, but he's still not impressed and it has to be at room temperature more before Jellybean can drink it. He tells both Malcolm and Reese, that he doesn't like the arrangement too, but it was Lois' idea to let him stay with them until he can find another apartment. Both boys immediately regret getting revenge on Francis, now realizing how even more demanding Craig is to keep him and Jellybean happy.


  • Craig's cat, Jellybean, makes his first appearance.
  • Craig's house gets burned down, thanks to Lois and starts to live with the Wilkerson family in this episode. This is the first episode of a multiple episode story arc of Craig living in the house with them.
  • If you look closely in the scene where Malcolm breaks his microscope and Reese beats himself up, you can see a large Charmander plushie in the room. This is the second episode to feature that doll, with the first one being Bowling.
  • Craig's apartment number is 2816 1/2.
  • This episode features a tag at the end with outtakes of previous episodes.


  • When Francis gets pulled over, his window is open and closed between shots.

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