Series Name
Season 5, Episode 14
Air date March 14, 2004
Episode Guide
Lois' Sister
Reese's Apartment
Malcolm Dates a Family is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 and the 99th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle. It aired on March 14, 2003.


Malcolm finds a girl he wants to ask to the Spring Dance. However, she isn't allowed to date anyone unless her family approves. Meanwhile, Lois realizes she's been paying more than she needed to for their biweekly visit to Luigi's Pizzeria.




  • Stevie mentions that his mom called him, drunk on his birthday, wanting money, continuing the events of Kitty leaving him in the episode Goodbye Kitty.
  • Malcolm reveals his religious beliefs in this episode, classifying himself as a "hopeful agnostic".
  • Stevie reveals that the reason for his asthma is because he was born with only one lung.
  • This may very well be the first episode where Stevie gets a girlfriend.

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