Series Name
Season 1, Episode 5
Malcolm Babysits
Air date February 13, 2000
Written by Maggie Bandur & Pang-Ni Landrum
Directed by Jeff Melman
Episode Guide

Malcolm Babysits is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Malcolm in the Middle and the fifth episode overall of the show.


The family is forced to live in a trailer in their front yard while their house is fumigated; meanwhile, Malcolm becomes a babysitter for a rich family.


Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are polite and courteous while playing violent games, but as soon as Lois turns them off, the brothers squabble and fight with each other.

Malcolm's cushy babysitting job provides relief from the trailer the family is using while their house is being fumigated, until Malcolm learns that the trust placed in him in his new position is strictly limited. Meanwhile, the military school's master key leads Francis to a corpse, for which he provides a proper send-off.


  • It is revealed in the beginning that the boys are nice and calm to each other when watching a violent TV show, but when Lois changed the channel to something educational, they all got annoyed with having to watch it and then actually started fighting. This is most likely a parody of the controversy at the time, that said that violent content in children's media, promiting violence in real life.
  • It is revealed that before he started dating Lois, Hal was in a relationship with her sister, Susan Welker. This would be the first time in the series that Susan was ever mentioned.

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