Long Drive is the eleventh episode of season four of Malcolm in the Middle.


Lois takes Malcolm on a long drive and talks about sex the whole time. Reese smack talks a man who is in jail for life. Dewey accidentally starts a war between Hal and his friends before their show starts.




  • Dewey: Why do I have to be here? Why couldn't I go snowboarding with Reese?
  • Hal: Reese isn't snowboarding. That was just a lie Mommy and Daddy told. Reese is in jail.
  • Dewey (happily): For how long?
  • Hal: A few hours.
  • Dewey (disappointed): Oh.

  • Hal: So, what'd you think, Dewey?
  • Dewey: It's cool. it's fun the way you guys move.
  • Hal: Yeah.
  • Dewey: How come you're always in the back?
  • Hal: I'm not always in the ... Will, even if I am, it's not about where anyone is. It's about what's best for the group.
  • Dewey: Okay. Why's it best for the group to put you in the back?
  • (Hal stops in his tracks, put into a state of shock)


  • The songs Charlie in the M.T.A. and Greenback Dollar, both songs by The Kingston Trio are sung by Hal's band, "The Gentleman Callers" in this episode.
  • In this episode, it is implied that Malcolm has been sexually active with Nicki.