A recurring theme in Malcolm in the Middle is for characters, mainly The Wilkerson boys to be punished by someone, mainly Lois. The following is a list of instances where a character has been punished in any way.

List of PunishmentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Pilot Lois Francis Caught smoking on the phone Being yelled at He had called home to tell them how's his time in school
Pilot Lois Francis Getting arrested and other misdemeanors Exiled off to Marlin Academy Malcolm claimed he didn't do anything that bad
Pilot Kids Dave Spath Hitting a wheelchair bound Stevie in the check causing him to "fall" Reprimanded as bullies aren't allowed to hit Stevie Stevie flipped his wheelchair on the side to make it look like he fell from Spath's punch.
Red Dress Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Allegedly burning Lois' dress. Being locked into their rooms and being interrogated until one of them comes clean. It was actually Hal who had burned her dress.
Home Alone 4 Hal The Wilkerson Relatives Insulting Lois Forcing them to watch him have sex with Lois in the limo
Home Alone 4 Laverne Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Francis Returning to Sacred Oakes hospital Reprimanding them Malcolm backed up the family's history of their appearances
Shame Various people Malcolm Beating up a 7 year old. None, just suffering from the guilt and being negatively judged by everyone else. Malcom wasnt aware the Kevin the boy who Malcom beat up was seven.
Shame Various People Hal Beating up a 15-year-old Criticized by everyone for being up a minor Hal was unaware that the man who was Kevin's father was similar to Francis' age
Shame Commandant Spangler Francis Attempted to switch slides of a gross Sex Education with that of Spangler in his youth Showing slides of him picking his nose and urinating drunk Francis was humiliated in front of his peers
Malcolm Babysits Lois Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey Fighting. Being sent straight to bed.
Malcolm Babysits Lois Hal Revealing to have dated Lois' sister in the past. Being kicked out of the trailer.
Malcolm Babysits Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. Inkster(his wealthy employers) Spying on him with a secret security cam Embarrasses them by exposing their dirty secrets on security cam He also informed them that he quits.
Sleepover Hal Malcolm and Stevie Sneaking out of the Kenarban house None, as Hal played the denial route Malcolm and Stevie never did get caught
Sleepover Abe and Kitty Kenarban Stevie Sneaking out of the house after curfew. Abe and Kitty called the police over to report lost children, but it's unknown what happened when they found him. Malcolm was also responsible for this, but he ran off and supposedly put all the blame on Stevie.
Sleepover Dewey Reese Tried to make him take his regular bath and send him to bed Have him chase Dewey around until he got tired Reese ended up falling asleep on his bed, while Dewey got to enjoy a scary movie that he wanted to watch.
Francis Escapes Commandant Spangler Francis Overusing the phone at Marlin Academy. Losing his phone rights.
Francis Escapes Lois Malcolm and Reese Scaring Dewey. Being banned from Nintendo, and also losing their pillows for the night. They had already been banned from Nintendo. Reese tried telling Lois that, thinking it would annoy her, but it only gave her the idea to take away their pillows.
Francis Escapes Lois Francis Escaping military school. Lois never caught him, but she said "We'll just see what fate has in store for Francis." He probably never did get punished.
Krelboyne Picnic Lois Malcolm Pouring perfectly good vegetable soup in the toilet. Grounded
Lois VS Evil Lois Malcolm and Reese Messing up with the steam cleaner and getting all foamed Kneeling in front of a wall, their hands behind their head, fingers interlocked, chin and elbows against the wall, for 2 hours She had previously warned Reese, Malcolm and Dewey not to mess around in the store including the microphone, register, candy, and price tags.
Lois VS Evil Lois Dewey Found out he stole an expensive bottle of Cognac Made him return the bottle Reese attempted to have Lois force Dewey to endure two hours of kneeling in front of the wall, but she ignored him
Lois VS Evil Mr. Pinter Lois Dewey stealing an expensive bottle cognac from the Lucky Aide. Getting fired from her job. Pinter fired Lois out of spite because she was originally up for promotion at Lucky Aide.
Lois VS Evil Lois Mr. Pinter Pinter tried to get Lois to sign a contract agreement, but she refused. Lois berates Pinter for past behavior and reveals dirty secrets about him that no one else except her knows: including his bribing Lois to cover for him by having her write sales reports, his secret stash of marijuana and his affair with the district manager's wife. Pinter quit his job after Craig and the other coworkers found out about his affair and other misdeeds. They intended to tell their boss about it.
Stock Car Races Lois Reese "Punching Dewey" (Dewey really just punched himself and got him blamed) Unknown Malcolm says he taught Dewey how to blame Reese for things he didn't do.
Stock Car Races Lois Reese Swearing at the table. Getting his mouth washed out with soap.
Stock Car Races Commandant Spangler Francis Smoking. Losing hot water for his floor for a month and being "thanked" by the other cadets. His sniffer dog, Patton, exposed Francis for smoking
Stock Car Races Officer Carl Malcolm and Reese Going into a room they weren't allowed into. Getting caught by the security guard. This would soon be relieved before they were actually punished.
Stock Car Races Officer Carl Malcolm and Reese Reese punching a security guard in the groin, when being set free. Being ratted out to their father. Hal didn't punish the kids and actually punched the guard as well and ran off before anything could happen.
Stock Car Races Commandant Spangler Francis Letting a snake loose so that it could eat Commandant Spangler's dog. Extending the loss of hot water period to two months. Francis was actually congratulated by the other cadets this time as they hated Spangler's dog for his annoying barking.
Stock Car Races Lois Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Francis, and Hal Lois found a whole bunch of evidence of multiple wrong-doings of theirs, while cleaning the house. Unknown Lois found her paycheck and threw it away
Funeral Hal and Malcolm Lois Forcing the family to attend Aunt Helen's funeral Argued against going because they all hated Helen Fed up, Lois announces they won't go.
Funeral Reese Malcolm Forcing his family to not go to Aunt Helen's funeral Kicking the trash can and berating Malcolm for his selfishness This was after Lois sent Reese away
Funeral Hal and Lois Reese Destroying Dewey's toy and attempting to bury it in Aunt Helen's coffin. Having to apologize to her dead body and stand in the corner at her funeral. Lois forced Reese in compliance by yelling at him when he attempted to turn away from the corner.
Rollerskates Lois Reese Skating in the house and messing up one of coffee table with his skates Yelling at him and grabbing on his shirt This was when she is bedridden after throwing her back.
Rollerskates Lois Reese Attempting to drink out of the milk carton Orders him to get a glass and threatening to beat him blue once she is well from the intercom Reese reluctantly complied to her orders
Rollerskates Lois Hal Attempted to sneak the prescribed medication in her sandwich Orders Hal to stop sneaking pills in her food She refuses to take the medication because of needing the house to remain in order.
Rollerskates Malcolm Hal Hal took away his skates Insulted him and used profanity
Rollerskates Reese Lois Annoying him with orders to stay out of trouble Slipped medication in her milk Reese mentions this to Malcolm and how he was successful in making Lois take her medication.
Rollerskates Marlin Cadets Francis Faked a back injury just to get out of a survival exercise Tied him up to a chair and dropped him off in the forest with only an army blade This was when they caught Francis goofing around in his wheelchair, rather than remaining on bed rest.
Rollerskates Lois Reese and Hal Slipping medications in her milk Yelling like normal.
Rollerskates Hal Malcolm Using profanity Made him read the list of swear words and insults Malcolm realizes the true meaning of swear words
Smunday Lois Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey Giving a bike away to Francis' lowlife friends Grounded for 2 Months Francis was the one who told on them to Lois in order to avoid being punished
Smunday Francis Malcolm, Reese and Dewey To force his brothers to comply and give Richie the letter None, as Francis' lowlife pals took the false letter. Dewey ended up foiling Malcolm's plan by hiding the letter under Lois' pillow, causing her to scream in shock
Smunday Lois Francis Found out about Francis' prank to Marlin Academy involving a swimming pool from a prestige college in Alabama. Planned to ship Francis off to a work farm for troubled kids in Arizona. She never followed through with her threat, due to the boys' prank.
Smunday Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Destroying family prized possessions and a car Unknown Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are locked in a stalemate with Lois
Water Park Commandant Spangler Francis Found out Francis has been hustling pool at local bars by the Alabama State Sheriff Forced Francis to play a fair game of pool Francis won, but the cadets didn't care to punish him as they wanted him to win.
Water Park Lois Reese Attempted to give Dewey a wet willy to make his ear infection worse Threatened to cancel the family trip to the water park She also threatened to make Reese and Malcolm: Dewey's babysitters if they can't find one for him.
Water Park Lois Reese and Malcolm Ruined Hal and Lois' attempt at a tropical vacation at the water park with their fighting. Dragged down the Liquidator with Lois who berates them for humiliating her and Hal again with their fighting. In Traffic Jam, the Wilkersons earned another lifetime ban from another public place due to violations incurred on them(including boys' fight and Hal sneaking alcohol in hiding underneath suntan lotion)

Season 2Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Reese Cooks Lois Reese Unknown destructive prank Grounded for a month Reese was not phased by this so Hal attempted a different angle.
Reese Cooks Eric Francis Trying to get out of his share of doing his project Confined him to the room and threatened Spangler on him Francis basically didn't take Eric's threat seriously
Reese Cooks Hal Reese Messing up other people's dishes in a cooking contest Grounded for a month and banned from cooking meals inside the kitchen Reese complained and cried over his lost privilege. Hal and Lois were happy because they found a punishment that would hurt him.
Bowling Hal and Lois Dewey Killing a neighbor's parakeet Grounded for the night
Bowling Lois(Her home Side) Dewey Trying to get out of his punishment with his usual tricks Forced him to serve his grounding She later made Dewey watch TV on a channel he's not going to enjoy like C-SPAN
Bowling Hal Malcolm Ruined Hal's perfect game Unknown
Bowling Malcolm(On Lois' bowling side) Lois Overbearingly making him into a bad bowler Berating her for humiliating him
Bowling Lois(her bowling side) Malcolm Kissing Beth Took him and Reese home.
Bowling The Large Man(Hal's bowling side) Reese Reese tossed a bowling ball at him that was meant for Malcolm. The large man forced Reese back in the booth and took pictures of himself beating the cowardly Reese up This was when Hal ordered Reese out of the out of the auto-picture booth
Evacuation Lois Malcolm Coming home late from school Grounded for 2 Weeks Lois, Reese, Hal and Dewey were forced to spend the night outside the school
Therapy Lois Reese Stealing from the school Kneeling in front of the bookcase, hands behind his head She used this punishment back in Lois VS Evil when she punished him and Malcolm for playing around with the steam cleaner.
Therapy Lois Malcolm Ditching school and faking a mental issue to see a school therapist None, the therapist convinced Lois to hear her him out Lois later apologized in how she stressed Malcolm out
Therapy Lois Reese Blackmailing Malcolm for favors Possible grounding This was when Reese faked his tears to confess to what he did.
Therapy Marlin Cadets Francis Overpricing them to keep their uniforms fresh and soft Beat him up and left him to face Spangler's wrath.
The Grandparents Hal Victor and Ida Victor gave Reese a live hand grenade resulting in the Wilkersons refrigerator getting blown up. Force the two to reimburse him and Lois for a new refrigerator or face jail. Ida mentioned that Hal reminded her of Victor's cousin.
Malcolm vs. Reese Malcolm and Reese Francis Stood both Reese and Malcolm up to go to a wrestling match with a girl Framed Francis for driving without a license, stealing a car and kidnapping a tied up and gagged Reese and Malcolm in the trunk Francis was arrested by the police officer and humiliated in front of his date
Malcolm vs. Reese Lois Malcolm and Reese Unhappy to have to bail Francis, Reese and Malcolm out of jail Serving Craig and Jellybean as their house guest. Reese and Malcolm immediately regretted getting Francis arrested right away after realizing how more demanding Craig is with his and Jellybean's needs.
Carnival Security Guard Stevie Caught him in the carnival after closing Used a bike rack to secure Stevie's wheelchair to ensure he doesn't escape. The guard tried to force Stevie to talk in order for him to hunt the other boys down. Gorak and the other carnival freaks were able to convince the guard to let Stevie go
Carnival Hal, Lois, Abe and Kitty Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Stevie Sneaking out to the Tri-County fair and lying about having a sleepover Forced the boys to walk all the way home. Reese and Malcolm blamed Francis for telling on them to Hal and Lois as well as the Kenarbans
Traffic Jam Lois Malcolm and Reese Getting the family banned from another public place with the fighting Dragging the boys by their necks, yelling at them and possible grounding Picked up from Water Park. Hal was also a contributing factor for sneaking alcohol in a suntan lotion.
Traffic Jam Cop Hal Touching an officer inappropriately Administered a DUI test This was when he was feeling guilty for his actions
Traffic Jam Lois Dewey Believing Dewey chased away another babysitter None Dewey explained that Mrs. White was hospitalized along with his own misadventures in getting home after being lost.
Mini-Bike Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Caught them fighting over a mini bike Banned the boys from riding the mini bike Reese defied the ban and rode it. He later regrets it afterwards
Mini-Bike Lois Craig Miscounted his pickles slices Reminded him of the slices on his hand Although irritated, Lois reminded herself that she burned Craig's house down
Mini-Bike Commandant Spangler Francis Stood up for a cadet whose shirt was untucked. Unknown Hal was actually proud of Francis for once in standing up to Spangler
Mini-Bike Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Found out that Reese ride the mini bike against her wishes None Lois actually let the boys get away with this one because they helped guilt trip Craig enough to move out of the house
Surgery Hal and Lois Malcolm Faking an appendicitis and incurring hospital bills Grounded This was when he discovered the doctors made the wrong diagnosis and that he had regretted having told them so when he realized the stay in the hospital was much better than at home.
Old Mrs. Old Lois Malcolm Breaking Mrs. Griffin's arm Act as her caretaker He was trying to retrieve the ball so the boys could continue playing with their friends
Old Mrs. Old Commandant Spangler Francis Being a smart alec Forced to stand outside holding a heavy duffle bag
Old Mrs. Old Reese Dewey Using a purse that he's borrowing from Lois Tried to force him to use a backpack Dewey refused and showed his peers by hitting the lead bully with the purse with a brick inside it, impressing Reese
Old Mrs. Old Francis Richie Not believing him about Spangler Letting Eric and his cadet friends beat him up Francis watched on smug
Old Mrs. Old Lois Malcolm Caught him and his friends joyriding in Mrs. Griffin's car None Mrs. Griffin covered for Malcolm by explaining he took her to the hospital due to a mistake she made in mixing her medications
Traffic Ticket Lois Francis Incurred over $700 worth of unpaid parking tickets in her name for every traffic violation he committed Forced him to reimburse her by paying for it or else he doesn't come home. Francis yelled at Lois, but she refuses to budge on the incident
Traffic Ticket Hal, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Craig He showed the tape form the other store's security cam which could exonerate Lois Destroyed the tape They also ordered Craig to keep his mouth shut or they will make his life a living hell by exposing his own dirty secrets
Lois' Birthday Francis Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Spent the money she gave them on candy Forced them and Hal to find her and apologize He later leaves with Amani to go to Richie's party.
Lois' Birthday Hal, Francis, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Clowns The lead clown insulted Lois for her ungrateful behavior Beating up the clowns Lois realized how much her sons loved her
Hal Quits Lois Francis Trying to get out of his responsibilities by wanting to hang out with his lowlife pals Forced him to get a job at Lucky Aide for Spring Break
Tutoring Reese Lois Francis Refused to help Hal by climbing up the ladder Kicked out Francis stayed with Richie at first.
Tutoring Reese Lois and Malcolm Mr. Woodward Flunking Reese out of spite for both his bullying and Lois' own apathy Reprimanding and later forced him to re-shingle the roof with Francis Malcolm and Reese weren't spared as well
Bully Reese Mini Bullies Violation of his bullying manual which forbids anyone hitting Stevie who is handicapped Beating up the mini bullies The mini bullies continued resenting Malcolm and the Krelboynes for this

Season 3Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Houseboat Lois Malcolm Refused to help Hal Unknown Lois' plans to punish Malcolm was interrupted by Francis calling her
Houseboat Lois Francis Refuses to let him leave school She orders him to remain in Marlin Academy to graduate or else he doesn't come home Francis refused and yelled at her for being jealous over the fact he could make more money working at a logging company with Eric in Alaska.
Houseboat Commandant Spangler Francis Breaking Marlin Academy's prized trophy case Given a hammer to fix the case Francis got back at Spangler by going to a cheap lawyer to get himself emancipated.
Houseboat Lois Malcolm and Reese Leaving Hal and Dewey on the buoy to visit the cheerleaders' camp Grounded for three weeks and adding housework. Malcolm noted his abandoning Hal was worth it because he couldn't stop smiling at the cheerleaders.
Houseboat Lois Francis Emancipating himself and allowing him to leave school Ignoring Francis when he came over for a visit(revealed in Emancipation) This was when she and Hal got a letter from the same cheap lawyer in Alabama
Emancipation Hal Francis Found out he quit school and emancipated himself by forging his and Lois' signatures Chased Francis up a tree Hal later calms down to talk some sense in Francis and telling him that he could've talked to them about going to alternate schools and graduating before deciding to move to Alaska
Emancipation Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Francis Angering Lois by dropping out of school Beating Francis up Francis fought back by hurting Reese and Malcolm explained Lois is taking her anger out on them because of him.
Emancipation Francis Lois Ignoring him when he tried to explain why he left Marlin and emancipated himself. Arguing with each other Hal was the one who convinced Lois and Francis to talk with predictable results.
Emancipation Malcolm Mr. Herkabe Trying to force his Dewey Decimal standings on the Krelboynes Drove him insane by having the Krelboynes remember prime numbers The Krelboynes had a mental breakdown from it and Herkabe was so embarrassed that he stopped his standings.
Book Club Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Caught the boys with fireworks Grounded for a month Lois was grounding them while the police came to arrest her.
Book Club Lillian Miller Lois, Karen and the other working moms Tried to vandalize her car Came out with a shotgun fired warning shots to scare the women away She later called the police on them
Book Club Mini Hal(imagination) Hal Lois found out about the boys hiding fireworks and herself being arrested Told to stay put because he'd only make things worse. Hal spent the night hiding in the bathub knowing Lois will be angry with him later on
Malcolm's Girlfriend Cop Francis Hitchhiking to Alaska Arrested and imprisoned He enjoyed watching the guards' own soap opera drama
Charity Hal Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Stealing clothes and other merchandise from the church Arrested by the police This was when the family van broke down in his attempt to return the stolen items.
Charity Lois Hal, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Stealing from the church and attempting to leave home Sold their stuff to the church
Health Scare Hal and Lois Malcolm and Reese Tracking mud in the house and for Reese telling his parents "I wish you were dead." Grounded for a week
Health Scare Hal and Lois Malcolm and Reese Sneaking out at night while grounded Grounded for the rest of school year After Reese wished his parents were dead, they simply retreated and the punishment wasn't used.
Christmas Lois Francis Refusing to spend Christmas with Ida Orders him to spend time with Ida Francis tried to get out of it by asking Lois to pay for the bus trip so he can spend the holidays with them
Christmas Lois Malcolm and Reese Tormenting Dewey by tying his Christmas stocking shut over his head and tormenting him by poking him with fire pokes Yelling at Malcolm and Reese and even reminding them of their previous misbehavior She was cutting the stocking open with a scissor
Christmas Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Breaking Christmas ornaments(another demonstration of the boys' bad behavior at Christmastime) Cancelled Christmas intentionally until the boys are well behaved Reese tried to call her bluff and paid for it when she burned his Christmas stocking
Christmas Hal Lois Holding the Holidays hostage Tried to get Lois to compromise Lois refused and reminded Hal of his last failed attempts so this time she has a plan to make the boys behave.
Christmas Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Lois Cancelling Christmas and holding it hostage in the garage Took back their own gifts and spray painting Lois destroying Santa Remorse set in when they learned she bought them what they wanted
Christmas Hal and Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Caught the boys opening presents None Lois decides to do the denial route and thanks Hal for waking the boys to help them put everything back
Christmas Francis Ida Making his Christmas miserable along with hiding gifts in a secret room that she bought for the family for minor infractions Tormented Ida by making her look for the hidden musical Christmas cards in her apartment Although Ida finally finds the first card and destroys it, she hears another one being played from an unknown source in her apartment.
Reese's Job Malcolm and Reese Richie and his girlfriend Robbing the Circus Burger restaurant that they and Reese worked at and framing Reese for the Robbery. Forced Richie to let them use his home anytime for parties and give them free burgers for life and give Reese his been bag chair or both of them would be sent to jail for robbery. This was when Richie was confusing Malcolm's classmate, Barton, for Dewey(due to their similar age and appearance).
Reese's Job Sean(Barton's father) Mr. Herkabe Found out he was manipulating Barton for his own gain Calls him out as a horrible teacher in front of the Krelboynes Sean made the decision to transfer Barton to a normal school to be a normal boy.
Lois' Makeover Lois Dave(Lois's Boss at Lucky Aide) Forcing her to dress up her appearance Telling him off she will go back to her old appearance whether he likes it or not This was after Tom(Dave's brother-in-law) mistook her for a hooker
Lois' Makeover Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Hal Found out he faked an injury to secretly continue improving his basketball skills Punched Hal in the balls during the rematch. They left Hal on the ground and walked away.
Company Picnic (2) Lavernia Francis Found out about Francis' bet against her team in his attempt to quit his job along with holding some of her best players hostage Tied Francis to an ice resurface machine naked in revenge
Hal's Birthday Lois Reese Tormenting Dewey by chasing him around Fining Reese with a ticket
Hal's Birthday Lois Malcom, Reese & Dewey Wanted to Watch TV but were kicked out of the living Room For no apparent reason causing Dewey to stand up to her Confined to their bedrooms facing the wall Malcolm explains he doesn't like the new punishment she's enforcing to the family.
Hal's Birthday Lois Francis Found out Francis secretly married Piama Yelling at him Piama fought back against Lois, making her the only Wilkerson daughter-in-law Lois can't win in a fight against due to their similar personalities.
Hal's Birthday Hal Francis Marrying Piama without telling the family about her telling him off, while explaining why Hal waited years for Lois Francis actually apologized for his behavior
Hal's Birthday Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Stole Hal's credit card and moved into a hotel room None It was Malcolm who convinced her to listen to them, leading her to apologize for her behavior
Hal Coaches Reese Ed Found out about Ed's affair with the women in their neighborhood Forced Ed to do things for him as his slave if he wanted Reese to keep his mouth shut about his affairs to his wife This was after Malcolm discovered the undeleted emails and knew Ed neglected to clean out the hard drive before giving them his old laptop.
Hal Coaches Piama Lavernia Francis' mistreatment at work Stole Lavernia's pet parakeet and demanded better treatment of Francis or else she will kill the bird. Francis tried to make things right with Lavernia by returning the bird only to discover that it had died due to exposure of the cold.
Hal Coaches Ed Reese Found out about Reese's unnamed infractions at school Forced Reese to return the favor by being Ed's slave if he wants to avoid having Lois discover his infractions
Dewey's Dog Hal and Lois Dewey Eating the dinner that Reese cooked for their anniversary Getting his stomach pumped Although finding nothing but crayons and a bit of candles, Hal still punished him for the deed.
Dewey's Dog Dewey Malcolm and Reese Pranking and bullying him over the years Held them at dog point by using Marshmallow They had to write essays on how great Dewey is
Dewey's Dog Commandant Spangler Francis Desertion of Marlin Academy Attempted to strangle Francis with his hooked hands This was after Spangler was fired
Dewey's Dog Commandant Spangler Mrs. Meekitjuk Over pasted her popsicle stick Punished her and the other elderly residents by denying them pudding The residents started despising him the same way Francis and Eric did at Marlin Academy, giving Spangler a reason to live
Dewey's Dog Malcolm and Reese Dewey Forced them to do humiliating things for him Made Dewey act like a dog This was after Craig chased Marshmallow out of the house.
Poker 2 Hal and Abe Malcolm and Kristen Kristen had a gun which Malcolm accidentally fired Grounded(Malcolm) and arrested(Kristen) This was before they caught Reese trying to get Chandra and Stevie together
Poker 2 Francis Eric Lying to him about Piama having an affair with another man Possible beating up This was when he found out Piama was trying to reconcile with her estranged father.
Jury Duty Lois Jurors Refusing to properly analyze the case Forces them to remain in their seats by intentionally changing her vote in order to get them to take their jobs seriously She was later kicked out by the jurors
Cliques Lois Reese Caught him trying to tip over the dominoes Forced him to behave himself or he'll be blamed for the mess Hal tried to take advantage, which meant Reese had to keep guard.
Cliques School Classmates Krelboynes Hiding who they were in order to assimilate themselves as part of the other groups They along with Malcolm were pantsed Herkabe showed empathy to the group.
Cliques Francis Piama Using the money meant to pay off Lavernia by going shopping for clothes and kitchenware Reprimanding They later reconciled
Monkey Francis Eric Suggesting to find work in Alaska Left to hitchhike home, while Francis and Piama drives away for a cross country road trip. Eric's fate was unknown
Monkey Lois Reese He broke Lois' window when she refused to heed to a simple traffic rule to move her car further in the driveway Chased up a tree. Police arrived at the scene implying that Lois will likely be arrested

Season 4Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Family Reunion Hal Walter Lois' Mistreatment Returned the Tickled Torture and forcing Walter's confession Hal donned several layers of coats to protect himself.
Family Reunion Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Francis The Wilkerson Relatives Mistreating Lois and hurting her feelings by keeping her out of the family picture Ruining their Luncheon with their cousins by riding a golf cart over the food. The boys ran the golf cart in the pool
Family Reunion Hal and Lois Malcolm, Reese, Dewey and Francis Embarrassing their relatives Lecturing Although they pretended to be angry, Hal and Lois are actually proud of their sons for standing up against their relatives.
Stupid Girl Lois Malcolm Caught him getting drunk with Alison Grounded This was when she arrived with Stevie
Stupid Girl Dewey Hal Buying a steamroller Forced him to let Dewey ride it to run over Reese's bike
Forwards Backwards Lois Malcolm and Reese Pranking each other Being grounded Neither of the boys were able to enjoy their respective birthdays
Forwards Backwards Craig Dean Attempted to sell Hal a mark-up of a bad comic book Forced Dean in negotiations for a better comic book Hal was briefly grateful for Craig when he came to his aid against Dean
Forbidden Girlfriend Boyd Nicki Ditching school. Being grounded Boyd told Lois about what Nicki and Malcolm did
Forbidden Girlfriend Lois Malcolm Ditching School with Nicki Forbidding him from seeing Nicki Encouraged by Nicki to defy Lois
Forbidden Girlfriend Otto Merl and Earl Trashing the fences they built None Francis sat Otto, Merl and Earl down to offer a practical and good solution to build a gate
Forbidden Girlfriend Reese Dewey Found out Dewey had been stealing money from Billy Blackmailed him to doing pranks against his enemies for favors Threatened to tell Lois about Dewey's misdeeds if he didn't cooperate.
Forbidden Girlfriend Dewey Reese Fed up with Reese's blackmail and using Billy to get back at his classmates in North High Letting Ira(Billy's older brother and Reese's bully) beat Reese up for his actions Reese tried to lie his way out of trouble, but Ira was smart enough not to believe him.
Malcolm Holds His Tongue Alison Craig Attempted to make her miss the concert for his "date" Spayed his eyes with a can of mace. Reese attempted to leave with Alison, but she holds the can of mace in front of him implying she will spray him next if he doesn't let her go to he concert alone.
Malcolm Holds His Tongue Lois Malcolm Having a stomach ulcer Yelling Malcolm fought back, reminding Lois just how miserable she makes his life.
Grandma Sues Ida Hal and Lois Tripped on falling leaves which Reese neglected to rake Suing them The family lost their insurance
Grandma Sues Piama Malcolm, Reese, Francis and Dewey Trying to help Ida sue their parents by claiming neglect and abuse Reprimanding the boys and making them realize what could happen if Lois gives birth to another sibling in jail The boys banded together offering Hal and Lois support
If Boys Were Girls Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Fighting Yelling at them
If Boys Were Girls Mallory, Renee, Daisy and Frances Lois Fed up with Lois trying to force them to lead their lives in a manner she wanted The girls angrily blamed Lois for every one of their problems, especially Frances whom Lois never fully forgave for dropping out of college and marrying a trailer park husband. Though this was non-canonical, Lois realizes the difficulties of raising girls. In spite of it, she secretly wished for a girl.
Kicked Out Hal Malcolm Sneaking out and then rebelling against his dad. Getting kicked out of the house. Hal would regretfully revoke his punishment a day later.
Kicked Out Boyd Nicki Hiding Malcolm in her attic And Kidnapping him. Most likely arrested for kidnapping and sent to juvie.
Garage Sale Lois Reese Destroyed an old computer which was worth thousands of dollars. Yelling at Reese for wasting that money that the family needed to refurbish their home for the new baby by destroying the computer Lamented how she regretted not heeding Malcolm's warning against Reese heading the garage sale
Garage Sale FBI Hal Hal was making unacceptable speeches about the government on his pirated radio Pursued and arrested Hal for his actions Craig did the right thing to pull over, not wanting any involvement with Hal
Academic Octathalon Lois Reese Picking a fight with Lois Being grounded Lois would not uphold his punishment unless he took Alison to the dance
Academic Octathalon Hal and Lois Dewey Not loving Hal anymore Being grounded
Academic Octathalon Lois Malcolm Forced her to pick him up from the hotel Plans to punish him by making demands until she's an old lady After observing the same kid studying with a rival school, Malcolm decides to stay and let Lois punish him after he gets home, which she accepts
Academic Octathalon Alison Reese Found out that he was planning to injure his foot Forced him to take her to the dance Alison broke up with Reese in revenge for trying to get out of his promise.
Academic Octathalon Malcolm Mr. Herkabe and other rival teachers Cheating to win the Octathalon Stealing the answer key from the host's hotel room and giving it to everyone The host found out and demanded that Herkabe and rival schools come into the meeting room to discuss their behavior.
Reese's Party Dewey Donne and his gang Hijacked Hal and Lois' garage and held Craig hostage Calling Donnie and his gang's mothers The mothers picked up Donnie and his gang and gave all of them a piece of their minds
Future Malcolm Malcolm Leonard Refusing to let him help broaden his horizons Humiliating and verbally confronting him Malcolm comes to the realization that his genius and egotistical ways could lead him to a miserable path
Future Malcolm Lois Dewey Using the baby excuse to drive the car Grounding
Future Malcolm Lois Hal Trying to make her fat Yelling at him
Baby Pt. 1 Lois, Francis and Piama Ida Making their lives miserable by moving in with Lois Scared her away with Abe and his friends This was when Francis learned how much Ida is a bigot and racist
Baby Part 1 Dewey Hal Changing the original date of the baby's birth on his birthday Humiliated him publicly
Baby Pt. 2 Pregnant Women Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Being terrible sons to their parents Having them take Lamaze Class The boys have an epiphany in how terrible their parents were in raising them
Day Care Francis Rival Rancher Found out the rival ranch's plans to lure tourists away from the Grotto ranch Fighting The US Government agents arrested both of them.
Day Care Seth's Parents Lois Seth is covered in make up and showing them condoms Taken home by them They thought Lois was a terrible influence on their son
Day Care FBI Agents Francis and a Rival Rancher Trying to encourage belief in alien life Arrested Threatened with cavity probes until they stop their activities

Season 5Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Vegas Judges Reese and Dewey Overfeeding their rabbit Disqualification
Vegas Lois Hal Overspending their money Given the silent treatment
Watching The Baby Hal and Lois Jamie Breaking into the secret extra house and wearing the forbidden pants. Being grounded This was in a fictional story, so it wasn't technically canon. Jamie was also framed by Dewey.
Watching The Baby Hal and the other workers of Lucky Aide Craig Being spineless in forcing others to work while he lazes about Beating him up
Goodbye Kitty Lois Reese Not picking up his socks Tossing them back in his face
Goodbye Kitty Lois Dewey Trying to go back to babyhood None, as she was appalled by his behavior
Goodbye Kitty Lois Reese Reading her diary Grounded Reese was horrified to learn he was reading his mother's diary.
Thanksgiving Lois Malcolm Coming home drunk on Thanksgiving from a party Getting grounded and having to do a bunch of chores.
Malcolm Films Reese Malcolm Mr. Herkabe Using Malcolm to film Reese's embarrassing moments Exposed not only his own secret but also the other students who bribed Herkabe to help hide theirs' as well Having to clean school campus in light of the exposure.
Ida's Boyfriend Lois Ida Found out that she had been drugging Mr. Li with opium in his tea in order to steal his money Drugs not only the priest, but the rest of the family to embarrass Ida Mr. Li snaps out of it and confronts Ida for it.
Ida's Boyfriend Mr. Li Ida Found out Ida had been drugging his tea Left Ida at the altar after confronting her for her despicable nature Ida was humiliated by this
Ida's Boyfriend Lois Malcolm, Hal, Reese and Dewey Malcolm got his tongue pierced along with other bad deeds that Hal, Reese and Dewey did Grounded(Malcolm, Reese and Dewey), yelled at(Hal) Lois also decreed no one will ever do drugs in the family again
Dewey's Special Class Lois Malcolm and Reese Sabotaging Dewey's test to keep him out of the Krelboyne Class Possible grounding Their behavior put Dewey in the emotionally disturbed Busey class.
Victor's Other Family Lois Ida Found out about Ida's affair with Radu Gogorsky and that Radu was her dad the whole time. Willingly abandons Ida for lying to her
Reese Joins the Army: Part 1 Francis Malcolm Found out about Malcolm seeing Reese's former girlfriend, Beth, on the sly Punishes him by forcing Malcolm to find Reese
Reese Joins the Army: Part 1 Sgt. Hendrix Reese Found out Reese sold his Government issued backpack and uniform for a game boy. Forces Reese to do push up in the mud Hendrix used a hose over Reese's body to prove his point
Reese Joins the Army: Part 2 Lois Hal Found out that Hal lied about working on Fridays for 15 years Yelled at Hal This was when Lois learned about him skipping work on Fridays

Season 6Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Reese Comes Home Army Officers Lois Assaulted them when she tried to get them to tell where Reese is Taken back home after being arrested Hal tried to bribe the two Army officers with cash to drop the case, but they refused informing him that they will press charges if she repeats said behavior.
Reese Comes Home Lois Reese Finding out he had run away to join the Army Yelled at Reese and dragged him home by the ear Lois went against Hal's wishes and flew to Afghanistan to bring Reese home by force.
Buseys Run Away Lois Malcolm and Reese Firework prank at the movie theater. Lengthy grounding and three weeks worth of chores around the house. The prank ended in disaster with Malcolm having three of his fingers fused together and Reese a broken arm.
Buseys Run Away Lois Malcolm and Reese Overheard Malcolm and Reese talk badly about her Forced the two to stand on their heads upside down with pails over their heads. They were attempting to trap Dewey believing he told on them to Lois
Standee Lois Malcolm Refusing to remove Slappy the Standee Threatened to ground him Malcolm refuses, stating he doesn't want to lose his job
Standee Lois Shirley Offended her with racist behavior Put the standee back to offend Shirley more.
Pearl Harbor Lois Jessica Giving Malcolm a hickey Berating and punishes Jessica Lois decides that she likes having Jessica around and lets her stay in the house much to Reese and Malcolm's dismay.
Kitty's Back Lois Kitty Blamed Kitty for abandoning Abe and Stevie Banned her from seeing her family again Abe confronted Lois, but she refused to yield. She then apologizes after hearing Wolston's speech about manners.
Kitty's Back Reese Malcolm and Stevie Refused to help Reese with his snake suit Tampering Stevie's acceptance speech Malcolm found out and told Lois
Kitty's Back Lois Reese Pranking Malcolm by tampering Stevie's acceptance speech Three weeks of cleaning the bathroom and eating off the floors, along with removing his snake suit
Lois Battles Jamie Lois Reese Feeding Jamie super energy sodas Unknown, but possible grounding This was after Lois was able to retake control of Jamie
Billboard Lois Malcolm, Reese and Dewey Vandalizing a billboard Possible grounding
Living Will Craig Mr. Feldspar Lying about his mother dying and being a fitness guru Ordered his father to stay out of his life and let him live it as he likes
Tiki Lounge Hal Lois Doesn't believe in God or religion Giving her the cold shoulder Malcolm convinced her to talk to Hal and apologize
Tiki Lounge Lois Reese Drawing on the wall Possible grounding Jamie framed Reese for it.
Chad's Sleepover Malcolm and Reese Classmates Not being informed about Ditch Day and their party None When Reese and Malcolm confronted them, the students revealed their resentment with the boys for getting them arrested from a previous get together in Lois' Sister.
Chad's Sleepover Lois Hal Discovered Hal took a pornographic picture of her on New Years Eve Unknown, as she went inside to confront Hal This was when Hal gave Chad a dictionary with a highlighter.
Buseys Take A Hostage Dewey and Francis Mr. Jeffers and Mr. Flerch Forcing the Buseys to make lanyard keychains for their own get rich scheme Possible arrest Jorge and Eddie demanded a word alone with Flerch and Jeffers before the two untie the men
Buseys Take A Hostage Lois Reese Flunking his finals by getting everything wrong Grounded Lois heard Reese gleefully confess this to Malcolm and walks in angrier than before

Season 7Edit

Episode Punisher Victim(s) Reason Punishment Notes
Morp Lois Dewey Stealing using his dad's credit card to give his brother Jamie a party at Chuck E. Cheese Having all his food dipped in sardine juice "for a long time" Despite this, Lois was actually grateful that Dewey is trying to get along with Jamie
Malcolm Defends Reese Malcolm Mr. Herkabe Fed up with Herkabe tormenting Reese until he makes Malcolm agree to fail his classes, he tells the school principal, Mr. Hodges about Herkabe's secret in failing Gym Herkabe's GPA award is revoked and given back to Edna Thornby Reese was grateful in Malcolm heping him out and paid Herkabe back in full by tossing dodgeballs at him
Lois strikes Back Lois Kirstin Pranking Reese into thinking he has a date with her by using a pig Pranks her back by putting gum in her scooter helmet
Lois Strikes Back Lois Diane Pranking Reese into thinking he has a date with Kirstin by using a pig tormented Diane by amputating her dolls body parts
Lois Strikes Back Lois Heidi Pranking Reese into thinkin he has a date with Kirstin using a pig Frames Heidi for drinking underage alongside her boyfriend Scott and makes it look like they were going to have sex in a hotel in front of her parents
Lois Strikes back Lois and Reese Paula Pranking Reese into thinking he has a date with Kirstin by using a pig Attacking her with hals pitching machine by loading it with paint balloons and firing them at her
Burning Man Hal and Lois Malcolm and Reese Found out they were trying to hitchhike to Burning Man None With the exception of Lois and Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and Hal didn't enjoy themselves
Graduation Lois Hal Caught Hal attempting to fix the T.V. again while the boys watched Ordered Hal to stop being stubborn and call a TV repairman to properly do the repairs Hal refused and got electrocuted, while the boys laughed.
Reese vs. Stevie Lois Hal Caught Hal smoking cigarettes Forced Hal to find all his cigarette stashes According to Malcolm, if Lois finds one cigarette laying around inside, she'll make Hal eat it and this motivated him to remove his stashes
Reese vs Stevie Reese Lois Refused to by him a pair of nun-chucks Recorded over the conclusion of book tape that she was listening to Lois got angry and got out of the car to punish him
Halloween Mr. Sheldon Reese and Dewey Egging his house Threw eggs at the two for the prank Reese arrogantly refused to apologize
Jessica Stays Over Lois Reese Insulting her over how she does his laundry Two days grounding Lois increased it to three days when he continued to push his luck by insulting her more
Jessica Stays Over Lois Dewey Keeping Reese inside a crate None Lois actually let Dewey get away with it since Reese was punished earlier