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Gender Female
Age 15
Family & Friends
Frenemies Malcolm
Enemies Reese Wilkerson
Dewey Wilkerson
Production Information
First appearance Stereo Store
Portrayed by Hayden Pannetiere

Jessica, played by Hayden Pannetiere, is Malcolm and Reese's manipulative neighbor and classmate of North High School. Unlike Cynthia, she has more of a back story and is the only one whom Lois actually likes.


Jessica was introduced as a babysitter to the boys that Hal hired while Lois was gone and has shown how manipulative she was towards them. In later seasons, it's revealed that her father went to jail and she was living with the Wilkerson's house for a while, this revealed her parents are divorced. Despite that, Jessica has also shown that she was a caring friend to Malcolm when she was convinced that Vicki, a beautiful, brainy teen was just using him. Though he eventually learned she manipulated him once again, they got into some kind of relationship with each other. With Stevie's return, she was not present at graduation.

It was also shown that Jessica had dated a tall and muscular Asian guy named Mike, whom Dewey took advantage of so he can torture Reese more and get him beat up.

Episode Appearances


  • Hayden Pannetiere was credited as a guest star in all her appearences despite being famous (this is because she wasn't famous yet to be credited as a special guest star).
  • To prepare for her role as Jessica, Hayden had to stop brushing her hair leaving it all messy.

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