Gender Female
Age 13
Profession Student
Family & Friends
Friends Dewey Wilkerson
Production Information
First appearance Malcolm Defends Reese
Portrayed by Vanessa Marano

Gina is Dewey's love interest in the episode Malcolm Defends Reese. She is a girl who goes to his school who is friends with him.


Gina was Dewey's school girl crush. He was afraid to talk to Gina for a long period of time, much less ask her out. So, Hal helped him with it. Hal brought Dewey and Gina closer together as friends. He then told Dewey to send her some peanut filled pastries as a way to make her love him and than later go to her house and ask her out. Dewey did this, but by the time he got to her door, Gina's face was swelling because she was allergic to peanuts. Hal freaked out and bailed on Dewey and this was pretty much the end of their relationship.

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