Francis Wilkerson
Female Francis
Gender Female
Age 19
Profession Hooters
Family & Friends
Parents Lois Wilkerson (mother)
Hal Wilkerson (father)
Siblings Renee Wilkerson (sister)
Mallory Wilkerson (sister)
Daisy Wilkerson (sister)
Enemies Lois Wilkerson
Production Information
First appearance If Boys Were Girls
Portrayed by Christopher Masterson

Francis Wilkerson is the female counterpart of Francis Wilkerson. She is a fictional character who appeared in the episode If Boys Were Girls. Lois was imagining what her life would be like if her sons were daughters and she was the female version of Francis.


Francis is a fictional character who exists only in Lois' fantasies of what her life would be like if her children were females. In her imagination, originally it started off nice and pleasant with Renee, Mallory, and Daisy behaving like angels. This changed when Francis came in and explained what was going on in her life. She dropped out of college to get a job, working at Hooters and over the course of her life, she has been married and remarried time and time again, much to the disapproval of Lois who is angry about it because she expected Francis to remain in college. Her current husband is a older guy named Pablo who lives in a trailer park. Angered and horrified, Lois tried to point out that girls are supposed to be easy, but Francis like Mallory, Renee and Daisy made her life a living hell by yelling at her. She makes her case clear that she blames Lois more than Hal because while he was protective, it was her mother who kept chasing her boyfriends away from her. This ends Lois' fantasy upon realizing that girls would be more difficult to raise than boys.


  • Francis' female counterpart is the only character not to have changed her name because Francis is already a unisex name.
  • Francis is also the only female counterpart to be portrayed by her original actor.
  • Francis is married to a trailer park man named Pablo, who may very well be the male counterpart of Piama.
  • However, while Hal disapproved of Francis' current life, he wasn't nearly as bad as Lois who is angry at her for going against her wishes.

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