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Season 4, Episode 6
Nikki and Malcolm kissing
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Forwards Backwards
Malcolm Holds His Tongue
Forbidden Girlfriend is the sixth episode of season four of Malcolm in the Middle.


Malcolm gets an amazing beautiful girlfriend named Nicki, who is extremely risky and comes dangerously close to getting in trouble.


Malcolm starts tutoring for a hot girl named Nicki who soon becomes his girlfriend. However, Nicki's father is an angry war veteran who forbids them from dating. Nicki ignores him and has the two of them live on the edge. This is very nerve-wracking to Malcolm and he thinks that they should'nt be dating. Nicki says that it's these kinds of risks and close calls that give excitement to their relationship and so they continue to rebel and break rules.

Reese finds out that Dewey is getting paid tons of money by all the neighbors for absolutely nothing. Dewey claims that it's because it's "Free Money Day", the day when everyone pays him money and gives him free stuff just because they love him because he's so cute. When he goes to figure out what it is, it turns out that there's a kid named Billy Prescott who looks almost identical to him, except for his face.

Lois starts taking some pills that means that she should not have sex for an entire week. Hal starts taking up some new hobbies because of this.

Francis builds a fence between the dude ranch and some rival dude ranch that keeps getting town down and put back up because of some disagreement.


  • Malcolm gets his first and only long-term girlfriend in this episode.
  • Nicki mentions having a little brother who's a total snitch. This is the only time any mention of Nicki's siblings has been in the show.
  • Francis' ringtone is the tune of This Old Man.
  • Boyd mentions that in Vietnam, he had been tied to a "Punjab stick", which is not a word. What he was really talking about was a Punji stick. A spike stick made out of wood, placed upright on the ground, used to tie people to for either punishment or torture.

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