Series Name
Season 4, Episode 3
Air date November 17, 2002
Written by Alex Reid
Directed by Ken Kwapis
Episode Guide
"Stupid Girl"
Family Reunion is the third episode of Season 4 of Malcolm in the Middle. It was written by Alex Reid and directed by Ken Kwapis. It aired on November 17, 2002.


Malcolm and his family goes to Hals father's house for a reunion. The family doesn't like Lois. Reese and Dewey try to get in their grandfathers will. Malcolm's grandfather takes a special interest in him, while the young cousins love Francis.


Francis and Piama visit the Wilkerson house again. Things are actually going peacefilly, until Hal gets a phone call from his sister, Claire. They're having a family reunion to celebrate their father, Walter's birthday. Lois reverts back and forth from being hesitant and willing to go and Hal is forced to copy everything she says to his sister. Eventually, Lois settles on going and so, all of the immediate Wilkersons go to the extended Wilkerson family reunion. They get in the car and on their way there, Reese explains to Dewey how Hal's father is very wealthy and so they form a pact where they'll be nice to grandpa in order to get money from him. Lois shows a lot of slight toward Piama. Hal tries to avoid a huge fight from breaking out, by distracting them from their conversation, by having Francis tell a story about chemically castrating cows on the Cattle Ranch. It takes him an hour and a half to tell the story, which is enough to get them to their father's house.



  • Aside from Jesus Christ, who was only an obviously, fictional illusion, seen in Hal's dream, all of the characters who appeared in this episode were members of the Wilkerson family.
  • First episode to give depth to Hal's family. "Home Alone 4" was an early, simplistic look and it is obvious that the friction runs amongst both Lois and Hal's wealthy family.
  • Though Susan isn't mentioned, it's implied that she is the reason why Hal's family, Victor and Ida preferred Hal marrying over Lois.
  • Hal tells his father was never there for him when he got dumped by his girlfiend. However, in "Francis Escapes", Hal tells Francis that he's never been dumped before.
  • Hal's father, Walter, shows Malcolm all of his Civil War memorabilia and tries to get him involved in the hobby. This is similar to when Lois' father tried to give Reese war memorabilia, one of which was a live grenade. (The Grandparents)
  • Malcolm mentions that their grandmother who always goes shopping in her bra visits them five times a year. Given that Ha'ls mother has never been seen visiting them, and that they were visiting Hal's family at the time, it's unlikely that he was talking about her, meaning that this could only have been Ida.


  • When the four boys leave the bedroom, Francis is first and Dewey is last. However, in the next shot of them leaving, Dewey is first and Francis is last.
  • Although Lois, the boys, and Piama visit Walter Wilkerson in this episode, in the episode Hal Grieves, Lois and the boys claim that they have never met him before.

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