Series Name
Season 03, Episode 02
Air date November 14, 2001
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Emancipation is the second of the third season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on November 14, 2001.

Summary Edit

Francis comes home a final time before heading out to join Eric in Alaska, but Lois wants nothing to do with him since he quit school.

Meanwhile, Malcolm's new teacher (Chris Eigeman), a former Krelboyne student, sets up a new new ranking system, causing the students to suffer a breakdown and increased paranoia, turning them against each other, until Malcolm develops up a scheme.


  • This episode directly continues the events of the episode Houseboat, but only for Francis' story arc.
  • Francis cuts off Commandant Spangler's other hand, giving him two hook hands.
  • Following the disappearance of Caroline Miller, former Krelboyne Lionel Herkabe becomes their new teacher, making his first appearance in the series. Also, Kevin replaces the role of Eraserhead as one of the Krelboynes in Malcolm's friend circle.
  • List of Krelboyne rankings and their exact grades:
    • Malcolm 99.999823
    • Stevie 99.999549
    • Katherine 99.999432
    • Lloyd 99.998963
    • Dabney 99.998401
    • Della 99.998126
    • Kevin 98.999981
    • Maggie 98.999962
    • Tyler 98.999942
    • Henrietta 98.999942
    • Alysoun 98.999910
    • Ngan 98.999910
    • Milo 98.999822
  • On the original airing of this episode, Lois says to Francis, "you've been nothing but a problem since the day you were born." This was removed from all future broadcasts. However, that exact same line was used word for word in the episode "Hal's Birthday."


  • Mr. Herkabe refers to Malcolm as number 1 to the 11th when he is at the top of the class, but the number 1 raised to any power is still one.