Dave Spath
Dave Spats
Gender Male
Age 11
Family & Friends
Enemies Malcolm Wilkerson
Reese Wilkerson
Dewey Wilkerson
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Vincent Berry

David "Dave" Spath is the school bully at Malcolm's school from the Pilot episode. He was originally intended to be a recurring antagonist of the series, but the concept was aborted and he resulted to only being a one-time character.


Dave Spath was first seen while the Wilkerson boys were walking to school, confronting a nerd and making a deal with him about how he'd be bullied. He was later seen in Malcolm's class, sitting behind him and thinking up a devious plan to paint a bunch of red on his seat while he got up, so that Malcolm would sit back down in it and stain his pants. He was lastly seen confronting Malcolm one last time. Malcolm then stood up to him and smashed some pudding into his pace, which in return, he attempted to punch him in the face, but he missed and hit Stevie Kenarban instead. After this, everyone started hating on Dave for hitting a crippled kid. The principal then came in and he started crying and it was the end of his bullying days for Dave Spath. After this he is never seen again for the remainder of the series so possibly he was expelled.

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