Daisy Wilkerson, played by Jennette McCurdy, is the female counterpart to Dewey and only made an an appearance in season 4's "If Boys Were Girls".


In season 4's If Boys Were Girls, she appears to get along well with her sisters. She loves shopping no less than Mallory and Renee, however, she appears to obsess over her clothes a little more than her sisters. At the climax she ends up having a strained relationship with her sisters and like Reese and Dewey, has a strained relationship with Renee. At the end of the episode, it was Daisy who told Lois that she was easier and they're not above using her tactics against her because they're girls. This caused Daisy, Mallory, Renee and Frances to gang up on her and blame Lois for their own problems.


Daisy has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Unlike Dewey, she got along well with her sisters and wasn't their punching bag all the time.

Personality Edit

Like her male counterpart Dewey, Daisy appears to be highly intelligent, however, unlike Dewey she is not bullied and tortured by her older sisters (aside from one mean name from Renee) and neglected by her parents and gets along with them well. She is also not as immature as Dewey and is also appreciative of the possessions that she has. However, very similar to Dewey, Daisy can be sneaky and manipulative and appears to enjoy being able to get into trouble and avoid punishment as proven when she tells Lois that they are not above using her own tactics against her. Like Dewey, Daisy also seems to enjoy getting her older siblings into trouble as seen when she reveals to Lois that Renee got pregnant by Jason.

Trivia Edit

  • Daisy is the first character in the show to be played by Jennette McCurdy, but not the only one. Jennette would later go on to play the role of Penelope in the episode Buseys Takes A Hostage.