Series Name
Season 03, Episode 21
Air date May 5, 2002
Episode Guide
Jury Duty

Cliques is the twenty first episode of the third season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on May 5, 2002.


After a chemical mishap, the Krelboynes are forced to join the general school populations, and they all find new groups. Meanwhile, Piama is using the money she and Francis have been making from the casino business to go shopping instead of saving it up to pay off Lavernia.

When Dewey is stricken with chickenpox, Lois tries to keep him busy with dominoes--but then she forbids Reese to knocking them down, and Reese tries to keep Hal from knocking them down, because Lois will blame Reese, no matter what happens to the dominoes.


  • It turns out that if Hal had started knocking down the dominoes, Reese could have removed a domino from just ahead of where they fell up to to prevent more from continuing to fall.
  • It is revealed that Francis and Piama's house is built on an Indian reserve.


  • Mr. Herkabe made the comment that Albert Einstein was a nerd, who carried around a spare pair of pants until he was 24 and that he was made fun of by everyone for being so nerdy. This is absolutely untrue, although he was a genius, Einstein was not a "nerd" when he was at this age group, he was actually very suave and seductive with women. Although this is a common misconception, made by many people, being as educated as he is, Mr. Herkabe should have known this was false.
  • During the scene when Hal sets up the dominos and they accidently fall causing a chain reaction; while this is happening a hand can be seen near the domino flag.

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