Gender Male
Age 13
Profession Student; Cheerleader
Family & Friends
Friends Reese Wilkerson
Wendy Finnegan
Production Information
First appearance Cheerleader

Chester is a kid on the cheerleading team at Reese's school. He is very well known as someone who never takes his hands out of his butt. He appeared in the episode Cheerleader.


Chester appeared in the episode Cheerleader. He was a member of the cheerleading squad that Reese had recently joined. Malcolm told Reese that because he became a cheerleader, he was going to become very unpopular and that the only kid worse than him was Chester, who he described as "that kid who never takes his hands out of his butt". Chester would later be seen with Reese doing one of their rehearsals. After putting his hands in his butt multiple times, he attempted to high-five Reese, and be rejected.

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