Series Name
Season 6, Episode 15
Episode Guide
Ida Loses a Leg
No Motorcycles
Chad's Sleepover is the fifteenth episode of season six.


Dewey goes behind Hal's back and asks Lois to let Chad sleepover after Hal says he couldn't.


The episode begins with Malcolm frantically running to get to class since he is running late. When he arrives he is surprised to find the classroom is empty and the only one there is the teacher, Charisse. Charisse informs him that today was ditch day, Malcolm tells her no one told him about a ditch day, she is surprised since she saw everyone of the students telling all their friends. Malcolm is shocked, then another teacher named Val comes in with a large bottle of alcohol, he asks Charisse about Malcolm and is stopped giving him a drink, although he may need it.


  • Chad and Hal are revealed to have O.C.D., with Hal having a far more minor version of it.
  • Patrick Bristow, the actor who played Lloyd (Chad's father), previously played the role of a background character in Otto's murder mystery weekend at The Grotto.
  • Malcolm does not aside in this episode.

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