Caroline Miller
Images (68)
Gender Female
Profession School Councilor; Krelboyne Class Teacher
Family & Friends
Friends Malcolm Wilkerson
Production Information
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Catherine Lloyd Burns

Caroline Miller is Malcolm's overly earnest teacher. She is very passionate about her job and had Malcolm's best interests at heart. She is extremely emotional. Francis even used this to his advantage to help pay a hospital bill to stitch up Malcolm's injury. She adores Malcolm due to his high intelligence.


Caroline has been noted to have a few romances and to have one unnamed boyfriend (the janitor she was talking to about lamaze class) who got her pregnant. She was pregnant with this baby throughout most of season 2, until she gave birth in the school parking lot, as the result of a mis-programmed model rocket intended as a prank by the Krelboynes.

After giving birth to her child, at the beginning of season 3, Caroline went on the maternity leave and could no longer be their teacher. As a result, she was replaced by Lionel Herkabe, a more evil and sadistic teacher, who ruined the Krelboynes class for them and became an antagonist of the show.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • In the episode Home Alone 4, it was implied that she was either sexually or romantically intimate with the school janitor.

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