Boyd is the single father of Nicki and a former war veteran. He is an angry father who disapproves of Malcolm being Nicki's boyfriend and strictly forbids her to ever see him.


Boyd is a former war veteran who used to fight in Vietnam. Sometime either before or after the war, Boyd and an unknown woman gave birth to a girl named Nicki. For unknown reasons, his wife did not stay around with him for their entire time raising Nicki. Either due to a divorce or a death. It was never mentioned. Boyd raised his daughter on his own and as he does, he is completely overprotective to her. He makes up tons of rules for her and forces her to follow them. Nicki is so repressed by her father, that she likes to completely ignore him and sneak around, doing things she's not supposed to do.

In the episode Kicked Out, it was revealed that Boyd is dating a woman named "Trish", who Nicki really hates because she's always trying to parent her and act like she knows everything about teenagers. Boyd doesn't consider her someone who he's ready to marry yet, however.

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  • Although his name was never mentioned in the series, it was shown to be "Boyd" in the ending credits.