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Season 7, Episode 7
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Blackout is the seventh episode of season seven of Malcolm in the Middle.


Francis sneaks home to take a giant fish from the garage and accidentally allows Jamie to lose a balloon which causes a blackout. In the midst of getting the fish he gets caught and makes up a lie to Lois so she won't know the truth as to why he is there.

Malcolm tries to avoid getting caught with three Dutch girls. Hal and Reese attempt to cook two pieces of Kobe beef. Reese thinks that he is getting one, but Hal really plans on giving the other one to Lois because it is their anniversary. Dewey is upset after he is promised he could pick dinner but doesn't get his way.


  • This is only the second time we hear Jamie speak on the show when he says 'Francis'. The first time was 'shut up' when Lois wouldn't stop talking. (Reese vs. Stevie)
  • This episode has three different segments that take place simultaneously while the house is blacked out in different parts of the house, all having a relation to one another. They all come back together after the power returns.
  • Malcolm does not aside in this episode.


Reese (to Hal): What's going on?
Hal: Kobe.
Reese: What?
Hal: I have Kobe beef.
Reese: No way.
Hal: Yes!
Reese: That's like $60 an ounce.
Hal: I know. I won it in a Minesweeper tournament at work. Years of practicing eight hours a day has finally paid off.
Reese: Wow, I've never even seen Kobe beef. It's like meeting the Pope, but you get to eat him!
Hal: Exactly. But this is treated much better than any pope was or ever will be. It lives on beer and ice cream. And right up until the moment of slaughter, its rump and thighs are massaged by geishas.
Reese: It should be eating us!

Dewey (to Hal): You promised!
Hal: Dewey, if I kept half the promises I make, this family would plunge into chaos.

Reese (to Malcolm): I'll take the easy-looking one on the left.
"Easy-looking Dutch Girl" (to Reese): We all speak English!
Reese: I know.

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