Series Name
Season 6, Episode 10
Air date February 13, 2005
Episode Guide
Malcolm's Car
Dewey's Opera
Billboard is the tenth episode of Season 6 and the 117th episode overall of Malcolm in the Middle.


The boys see a billboard, advertising a strip club and they go up there, to vandalize it. Meanwhile, Hal has an awkward run-in with an ex-girlfriend of his.




  • In the crowd of protesters, many people were holding up signs. One of which said "GOD HATES STRIPPERS" This is a reference to the Westboro Baptist Church protestors and their infamous phrase "GOD HATES FAGS".
  • Hal mentiones his mother in this episode while being interviewed on the news, saying that she used to work in the kitchen a lot when he was a child. It is unknown if the information he gave about her was true, or if he just said that for the cameras.
  • Dewey reads a feministic version of the classic fairytale, Cinderella, in which Cinderella turns down Prince Chariming and lives on her own and creates her own Matriarchy.


  • In the first scene of the boys up on the billboard, Reese's vandalism in it's entirety is already seen on there. Later, Reese is heard spray painting the billboard off screen, and for the camera to then cut to the billboard again, with the same vandalism on there, with no changes made. The characters also all acted as though Reese had just now spraypainted that on there, meaning that it wasn't intended to be there before.
  • The ambulance at the end of the episode was seen with flashing lights on it. However, in the shot where it drives off, the lights were shut off.

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