Series Name
Season 04, Episode 21
Air date May 18, 2003
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Baby Part 1
Day Care

Baby Part 2 is the twenty first of the fourth season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on May 18, 2003.


Lois is going to have the baby, while Hal, who is desperate to get home, crashes the car. Meanwhile, Malcolm, Reese and Dewey take Lamaze class to be better brothers to their new sibling.

During that time, they realize that all the things that they were taught in the class, Lois and Hal neglected to teach them while growing up. Ida moves out when Susan calls to clear up the misunderstanding between them. Francis is forced to help Lois give birth as the paramedics won't arrive in time. They manage to deliver the baby and it's named Jamie (however the baby's gender is deliberately left unrevealed).


  • The birth scene in this episode was one of the "Top 20 Biggest Television Moments of 2003" as shown in a special event aired on ABC in December 2003.
  • Bryan Cranston provides the narration for the "Previously on Malcolm in the Middle" scene, but not in character as Hal.
  • Malcolm does not aside in this episode or the previous part.
  • Final appearance of Lloyd.
  • Jamie's birth is the second that is missed by Hal, as he previously also missed Malcolm's birth (as depicted in Flashback).
  • Upon noticing things from the Lamaze class, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey have an epiphany over how terrible at parenting Lois and Hal are.
  • The paramedics didn't show up in time because the morons stopped to get coffee. Clearly, viewers would be scowling at them; if they're on the job and get called to go help someone, they aren't supposed to stop.


  • Hal is given a total of 40mg of diazepam in order to be immobilized. This is actually extremely unrealistic, as 40mg would be an overdose, and would likely cause coma or death.
  • Trey says that even since high school, he has never been able to look in "that thing" (with "that thing" being Lois' vagina) because he's not mature enough to handle sexual topics anymore. However, in the episode Poker 2, he was seen having a conversation with his poker buddies about how many times they've made love to their wives and he was able to be an adult about it without a sweat. However its possible he overcame it when he got older.

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