Series Name
Season 04, Episode 20
Air date May 11, 2003
Episode Guide
Future Malcolm
Baby Part 2

Baby Part 1 is the twentieth of the fourth season of Malcolm in the Middle, which was broadcast on May 11, 2003.


After nine months of being pregnant, Lois goes into labor. However, Ida comes over to visit just at this time.


Lois goes into labor while Hal and the boys are at a bridal exposition (which Hal mistaken for car exposition). Ida moves in when her apartment burns down mysteriously and Susan refuses to take her in.

After learning that Ida is a bigot, Francis and Piama enlist Abe and his poker buddies to scare her off. Meanwhile, Malcolm has been accepted to a boarding school in England, but he decides not to go when Hal makes him realize how much his family needs him. Stunned at the date his parents chose for the baby's planned delivery, Dewey reveals the date is his birthday in an announcement at the exposition to humiliate Hal at the exposition.


  • Malcolm does not aside in this episode or the following part.

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